Stratix Consulting’s offering is founded on intellectual property and experience that combines a unique mix of economic theory, operating model design, strategy development and soft skill facilitation. Stratix Consulting has had exposure to organisations in various industries including business process outsourcing, financial services, property, agriculture and timber, education and mining. This has created an ability to view the organisation in its entirety, and to understand the impact of even the slightest change on various departments, processes and individuals.

Stratix places a strong focus on the organisation’s people, as they can either be the key enablers or impediments to bringing about change. Their engagement is critical for change adoption and if channeled correctly, can create a working environment that is adaptable and responsive to change.

Stratix seeks to walk the journey of strategic change with its clients. Value is placed on building a network of long-term relationships, whereby the level and nature of engagement is decided upon by each client and can be adjusted easily depending on where the client is in their journey. Stratix understands that one solution does not fit all organisations, and so each engagement with a client is unique.


Meet Victoria

VictoriaVictoria Duncan comes from an economics background having achieved a Masters in Economics from the University of Stellenbosch. She spent 3 years in the Business Process Outsourcing industry as a management consultant, whereby she gained experience in project management, business operating model design and solutions development.

Following this, she joined Peter Laburn International (PLi), which specializes in the facilitation of strategic thinking processes for organisations across a range of sectors. Her time there enabled her to shape her research capabilities, identifying key trends globally, and to develop an understanding of the strategic journeys of different companies – often walking the journey with them.

Victoria’s key passions are the changing world, the emerging macro, social, political and environmental trends, and the opportunities this brings for business. With a heart for leadership and community, she has been involved in the functional design and roll-out of various Corporate Social Investment initiatives. She also believes that an organisation’s people is its biggest asset to bringing about any change effectively

As an Afro-positive, Victoria is passionate about South Africa, its potential and its people. If she is not working, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, either hiking up a mountain or on a beach, or else working her way through a good book.

Victoria’s desire to build Stratix Consulting was as of a result identifying two fundamental trends impacting business today:

1) a world that is increasingly complex and uncertain, and which businesses do not know how to address, and

2) the preference of businesses to hire variable cost resources for strategic and change-related projects, due to this uncertainty.

Seeing the opportunity, Stratix Consulting was established to provide close support to business through times of change.